Stockman’s Plinth Innings

Wowing the crowdIt was a tremendous giggle to go and see my mate Martin Stockman strut his stuff on Anthony Gormley’s fourth plinth as part of the ‘One and Other’ project.

Dressed in cricket whites, resplendent in team blazer and cap he read his own poems (some with a cricket theme) and also lyrics from Roxy Music and Amy Winehouse, Martin shouted himself hoarse and also managed a magnificent catch from the crowd. Being rather more of a showman than many other plinthers he drew a decent audience and admirers.

All good fun. The rest of my pics are on Flickr. They’re still accepting applications… I could be tempted.

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  1. Lynne says:

    oh go on… you could live blog from the top…

  2. You can see his hour here. I have yet to find an hour to set aside to watch St. Ockman but shall do so soon!

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