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Carlingford Lough Northern Ireland

Looking across the border to the Republic of Ireland

To many, if not most, British politicians, indeed to most people who live in the United Kingdom, the border that crosses the of Ireland is just an idea. To some it’s irrelevant and just doesn’t matter. It’s basically just a complex political problem. But is also real. And I’m spending some time in Northern Ireland …

eBay item

An example of why Amazon is winning against eBay

We were looking at small desks online and identical items are available for sale on both eBay and Amazon. These identical desks, for reference, are the first of this specific products offered under the search ‘small desk’. Here are the two offerings to compare and contrast: And on Amazon: A few things leap out. Firstly, …

Seaford Museum

A visit to Seaford Museum

Eclectic is an overused word but when describing the collection at the Seaford Museum is is scarcely adequate. Eccentric, haphazard, curious and nostalgic, even bizarre, all apply too. You can find Seaford Museum in a disused Martello Tower on the beachfront there. Inside you will discover stone age tools found locally, curiosities such as a …