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The Stifling BBC

The BBC is a treasured institution. But with a recession looming its sprawling tendrils and how they potentially damage legitimate … Read More

Andy Burnham isn’t a wanker

My reaction to Andy Burnham’s announcement that British websites should carry a cinema style ratings was x-rated. The notion that … Read More

Arrington isn’t wrong

Michael Arrington of Techcrunch is making waves again: this time about how he intends to break embargoed press releases from … Read More

The X-Factor: Hallelujah.

When it comes to showbiz, I like schmaltz. I’ve liked schmaltz even more since I learnt it was a jewish/yiddish … Read More

BBC iPlayer Annoyance

A man goes out for the evening. He has a few drinks. This isn’t unusual. He gets home at about … Read More

SEO in a nutshell

This post by Randfish on the SEOMoz blog really caught my eye. probably because I’ve been doing a fair bit … Read More