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Still work to do on Adult Literacy...

Still work to do on Adult Literacy…

Spotted in Brighton. Rather ... Read more »

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SCIP Digital Inclusion Event at Labour Conference

SCIP Digital Inclusion Event at Labour Conference

Sometimes the mark of a good meeting or debate is that you emerge with more uncertainty than when you arrived. SCIP Digital Inclusion event hosted by NixonMcInnes and WiredSussex last evening on the Labour Conference fringe certainly left me with more questions than answers. There was a clear ... Read more »

Some Local gems for Labour Conference Comrades

A couple of delegates at Labour Conference have asked for some food, drink and fun suggestions for when they’re down in our great city-by-the-sea. And as a special service to them, here are some places that I really like and can honestly recommend. Places that you might not naturally stumble on ... Read more »

Stag parties and Brighton Rock

I don’t head down to Brighton seafront enough on Saturday nights. But a few weeks back I did enjoy a drink at the Fortune of War and I was totally amused by these flyers that some chaps on a stag do were giving out. Essentially: spot the groom and claim a pint. A fun idea and plenty of folk were ... Read more »

Brighton Scenes #8

Overheard. Two slightly eccentric gents order a round of drinks at the bar of a Brighton boozer not far from the station. Their change includes a five pound note. Vladimir: That’s the second one today. Estragon: What? V: (triumphantly) A fiver! E: (very seriously) They’re like gold ... Read more »

Six guaranteed ways to increase your Community Traffic

In the past ten years or so, I’ve participated in or led the management and moderation of more than a dozen online communities. Sometimes there were targets to be met and metrics to provide. Universally, there was a desire to increase the participation and traffic to those communities. Here are ... Read more »

A tweak here and a tinker there…

Have you noticed? We’ve tidied the place up a bit. Do you like it? Good websites are evolutionary. A tweak here and a tinker there. Every version is the iteration before the one that comes next. A few weeks back I was chatting with my good chum Sue Bailey, AKA blogmum. Regular readers will ... Read more »

Positive Points for Open Primaries

The Conservative Totnes experiment with open primaries is an interesting one. The Tories opened the selection of their candidate to all local electors. They could choose from a shortlist chosen by local party members. It’s an idea that’s fraught with risks and problems and, possibly most ... Read more »

Brighton Scenes #7

Backstreet boozer not far from the sea, sunny Sunday evening. A flame haired, ill-tempered 30-something woman approaches the bar. She has enjoyed a few scoops. And I don’t mean ice cream. Her: (Rudely) What wine have you got? Barman: Red or white, madam? Her: White. (As if he should have ... Read more »

On eBay UK’s Tenth Birthday

On the promise of a live link from to this here my blog and a possible plug for me old book (Make Serious Money on eBay UK), I obliged a journo from The London Paper with comment and copy the week before last on the occasion of eBay UK’s Tenth Birthday. I was present at the ... Read more »

TV Nostalgia: Crystal Maze

The Crystal Maze was a big deal during the early nineties. If you were like me and in your early teens, it was required watching and, frankly, terribly exciting and cutting edge. It represents the pinnacle the adventure-style game shows that replaced boring old quiz shows for a while and filled the ... Read more »

TV Nostalgia: Treasure Hunt

Early on, Channel Four specialised in Granny-Vision. Countdown was obviously vital for the old folk as well as students. Treasure Hunt was Sunday afternoon entertainment. Certainly in our household, it was family viewing. Especially if Granny was around. Treasure Hunt in a nutshell (as I ... Read more »

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Farewell Henry Allingham

Farewell Henry Allingham

I live a stone’s throw from Brighton’s oldest church, St Nicholas’s. So I felt an urge to attend the funeral of Henry Allingham, one of the last veterans of World War 1. Many hundreds of people were there too. It was a moving occasion, even outside the church. Sombre certainly and all the ... Read more »

Goldsmid By-election Reflections

It’s a lot of fuss over a single seat on a city council. But the Green victory in Goldsmid offers a lens on the politics of this City-by-the-Sea. A Labour gain in Goldsmid was always a big ask in the current climate but then again a Tory hold was hardly a dead cert (the previous Tory Councillor ... Read more »