Cool Idea. Cool Profits? Check out MMMZR

It wasn’t long ago since we were all wowing over the audacity of the Million Dollar homepage. It was one of those smart ideas that was gracefully simple and brilliantly executed and we wished we’d all come up with it: we didn’t, Alex Tew did. I bet it still gets impressive traffic. MMMZR is touted …

Here are the Top Ten UK Blogs

How many of these are you reading? How many are worth reading? Are you in with the in-crowd? According to the Financial Times in an article which you can find here (produced with Technorati and the PR Company Edelman) these are the UK’s most trafficed blogs. Gapingvoid EU Referendum Tech Digest c h …

Welcome to My New Blog

This is my new blog. Coming to you directly from me, Dan Wilson. My continuing blogging efforts elsewhere are and This will be will be my ‘professional’ blog, a venue for my thoughts on online community, the internet industry and everything else I’m doing.