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An example of why Amazon is winning against eBay

Wednesday, March 6th, 2019

We were looking at small desks online and identical items are available for sale on both eBay and Amazon. These identical desks, for reference, are the first of this specific products offered under the search ‘small desk’.

Here are the two offerings to compare and contrast:

And on Amazon:

A few things leap out. Firstly, the price. The Amazon desk is nearly half the price. But eBay offers free postage! Amazon postage is £6.95 and delivers to the whole of the UK (including Northern Ireland, which is important in this case.) The Amazon item also has reviews, if not universally positive and also an experienced seller and the confidence that they are stiffer on seller standards than eBay. (On eBay this seller has only 6 reviews in the past month or so.)

Which one would you buy?

Dan Wilson Book Signing @Waterstone’s in Brighton 17/10/2013, 19:30

Tuesday, October 15th, 2013

ebay 19 aw

If you’re free on Thursday evening this week and find yourself in the Brighton area, it would be lovely to see you at a book signing, talk and Q&A event I’m doing associated with the launch of my new book Make Serious Money on eBay UK, Amazon and Beyond.

Waterstones in Brighton is on North Street right by the Clock Tower. The event is on 17th October from 19:30 until 21:00 in the branch. To reserve a free place you call the branch and there are full details here. I’m sure there will be a glass of wine or the like on the night too.

Earlier in the year, I spent a chunk of time updating the book to bring it up to date. It’s now a useful guide for several key groups of online sellers and traders.

If you just want to get a hobby business going and sell a few bits every month, it’s the ideal starting point exploring the basics of eBay selling. If you want to do more than that then it’s also ideal for helping you start a small enterprise with advice on business practicalities too.

If you run an existing business or enterprise, then there’s plenty here for you too. eBay and Amazon can be vital additional sales channels for all sorts of businesses and it’s easy to plug into them.

And if you’re ambitious, and want to develop a multi-channel business, then my book will be vital. Nearly half the book is about Amazon, starting your own website and also other marketplaces. I look at third party services to streamline your business too. All my advice is practical, tried and tested information and not a load of old bullshit.

And best of all, there’s a stack of stories, anecdotes and case studies to liven the book up.

So, hopefully I might see you on Thursday!

Some eBay Links… Christmas 2008, 2009 Predictions

Wednesday, December 31st, 2008

Here’s some stuff I’ve been reading:
Ads on the eBay homepageThe fourth quarter is critical for eBay. Rather like Woolworths that apparently used to make 90% of it’s profits in December, ‘the holiday season’ is vital. It looks like eBay hasn’t had the Q4 it must have hoped for. But we shan’t know for sure until the results are published in 2009. Gigaom analysed traffic earlier in the month and suggested that eBay was no longer recession proof. Techcrunch published traffic figures yesterday that looked great for Amazon and not as glittering for eBay. But traffic is just that. It’s all about sales and we don’t know those yet even if Amazon are being very bullish. eBay sellers I’ve spoken seem to be indicating they’ve had a good Christmas.

Looking ahead to 2009, there are predictions galore. Ina Steiner of Auctionbytes makes some sober forecasts. Randy is more jaunty and salacious: predicting eBay CEOs John Donohoe’s departure and possibly the splitting of the business. Not sure about farewell JD but I’d say a Skype sell-off has great merits and would be organisationally quite easy. Sue at Tamebay manages to quote Heraclitus but makes the right point regarding the economy being critical to eBay’s fortunes in 2009, specifically in Europe. All worth a read.