Brighton Scenes #3

Waitrose on Western Road. The checkout lady asks me if I’ll need some bags. I ask for two.

The woman in the queue behind me, the sort of forty-something social worker type who puts the ‘right on’ into Brighton tuts. She then chides me for not bringing reusable bags: ‘we all need to make small changes to save the planet.’ I pack my groceries up, and eye what Ms Righton is buying (two bottles of wine, strawberries, asparagus, two newspapers and a big cake) and saunter out to walk home slightly cross.

I dawdle a bit before I walk up the hill home past the Waitrose car park entrance where a big shiny volvo containing only the driver is edging out. The driver waves me across the entrance: it’s Ms Righton. I think of a few small changes she might like to make.


4 thoughts on “Brighton Scenes #3”

  1. I spend a lot of my life suffering the death of 1000 small indignation’s of not saying smart smarmy replies.

    Either a
    – Lovely strawberries, who thought you could get them local and fresh this time of the year.
    – Nice cake. Hope you don’t die young from heart disease.
    – Hello? Excuse me? Why are you talking to me? Go lecture someone else you annoying busy body.

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