Walking Down the Dublin Streets

Walking down the streets of Dublin. Sounds like the name of a retro song echoing from a radio that clearly needs fixation. However, walking down the streets of this city is like poetry itself. It’s like a brand new beginning that you’ve always wanted to do but never did. This is why Dublin is the artistic city of the country. Putting things related to politics and economy aside, Dublin is much more than the capital city of Ireland. It’s a city where the streets are alive even when the lights go down. It has a spirit that distinguishes the city from other cities in the world.

Why Dublin?

Since the Vikings trading settlement in the ninth century, Dublin has opened its doors to the world. Today, it’s a vibrant modern city where people live just like in any other European city. However, its youthful energy is simply unmatched to any other city in the world. The growing multicultural vibe of the city, as well as the cluster of cultural attractions, are the things that make this city alive. Holding a glass of Irish whiskey in your hand and reading a good book somewhere in Dublin market square’s bars is all that you need for a pleasant evening in Dublin. Those who are into more adrenaline-boosting activities, gambling in a Dublin casino or playing at casimba.com is all that you need for an exciting gaming experience. If you’re a morning person, Dublin is just perfect for morning walks. Now you have all the ingredients for a true Irish traveling experience.

Your Trip’s Agenda

Your perfect trip to Dublin should start with a visit to the Little Museum of Dublin. It gives the visitor an insight into the country’s social life and everyday life. It’s one of the city’s better museums. The museum’s basement café is the perfect place for a short break or having lunch. We should acknowledge the fact that this is a city of notable people like WB Yeats, and strolling down the historic St Stephen Green, you come to the Marsh’s Library and St. Patrick Cathedral, which dates back to the 18th century. 

Next is the artisan Irish whiskey distillery, a family-run business called Teeling. Beer fans can visit the 57 the Headline, offering a wide range of craft beer. The perfect contradiction is the Delahunt restaurant, a combination of Victorian interior and contemporary culinary dishes, the place to take a sigh of relief, and move on.

Some Other Notable Sights
A former prison, now an unmissable Dublin’s attraction, is Kilmainham, which is like a recapitulation of all episodes of the Irish history. The Irish War Memorial Gardens are circular rose gardens designed to honor the death of World War I and II. Art enthusiasts shouldn’t miss visiting the contemporary Irish Museum of Modern Art, where a collection of cutting-edge artworks are kept together. Those who want to meet closely the history of the Guinness family should pay the Guinness House a visit. The area around the Abbey Theatre is the place with all in the name of the national theatre of Ireland. There are many other things that every visitor needs to include in his to-do list when visiting Dublin.

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