Do Something Different For Mother’s Day: 18th March 2007

Blah, blah, blah. Mother’s Day is just a commercialised marketing frenzy. Jabber, jabber. Chocolates and flowers. Load of nonsense. Invented by Clinton’s Cards etc etc.

Well, it doesn’t have to be. Do a bit of good on behalf of your mum and sponsor a safe birth in Ethiopia this year.

We’re lucky in Britain, very few women die in childbirth these days. But that’s not the case in the developing world. In parts of Africa, 1 in 7 women die in childbirth.

I learnt about this last year. My mum, a midwife, spent six months in Gimbie, Ethiopia working for a charity called Maternity Worldwide. She worked to ensure that pregnant and childbearing women had the best chance possible of a safe and healthy birth.

Needless to say I’m immensely proud of my mum and the excellent work that maternity Worldwide do. And I’d be thrilled if you considered sponsoring a safe birth in honour of your mum this Mother’s Day.

A donation of £15 will cover the costs of a safe birth. So when you’re considering chocolates or flowers, think too about making a donation.

Your £15 will go a long way and Maternity Worldwide will send your mum a certificate acknowledging your generosity. None of you donation will be siphoned off for running costs. It’ll go to those who need it.

I’ve set up some sales on eBay, using eBay for Charity. Or you can donate via Maternity Worldwide‘s website.

And please, please, tell other your friends and colleagues about this Mother’s Day gift with a difference. Let’s prove that this viral marketing thing really works us internet folks witter on about really works!

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