‘Blogs, sites and communities I like, read, follow:

Sue Bailey
Ivan Croxford’s Fumoir
Alex Schultz
Robbie Funks’s News from the End of the Earth.
Adrian Bunting’s site and blog about his play Kemble’s Riot.
Elspeth Briscoe
Neil Ford @
Laura Kidd: She Makes War
Jonathan Gabbai

eBay & eCommerce
Scot Wingo: eBay Strategies
Trevor Ginn: eBay, eCommerce, Life
Randy Smythe: My Blog Utopia
Ina Steiner: Auctionbytes blog

Social Media & Online Community Brains
Blog Mum
Chris Brogan
Convince and Convert
Suw Charman-Anderson: Chocolate and Vodka
Ian Delaney: TwoPointTouch

General Internet Bloggery
Josh Russell
Teifion Jordan: World of Arl
Broadband Evolved
BT Tradespace

Going Underground
Diamond Geezer
My Boyfriend is a Twat
Stephen Fry
Chris Dawson’s Uglyvase

Politics, Society & Public Sector
Nancy Platts: Labour PPC for Brighton Pavilion
Neil Harding
Brighton Politics Blog

Marketing & Busines Blogs
Trevor Ginn at Hello Baby Direct
Emma Jones: Enterprise Nation
Will Wynne and his Arena Flowers team.
Alex Bellinger’s SmallBizPod
Seth Godin
The Conference People

(Stick with me as I build out the blogroll… it’s a bit dull copy and pasting links so I’m doing it over a few weeks.) Wanna be included? Drop me a mail!

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