eBay Tips 2008

In January I wrote daily entries for Tamebay.com. The aim was simple: to help eBay sellers ensure that their sales were fighting fit for 2008. The collected entries can be found below.

Are you ready?

eBay Tips: Back to Basics
Review your Titles
What’s in a Username?
End Times
Know your Numbers
Know the Marketplace

eBay Tips: Pimp your Selling
Pimp your Selling
Customer Focused Listings
Return Policy
Pictures Perfect
Videos for eBay

eBay Tips: eBay Shops
eBay Shops
eBay Shops Basics
eBay Shops and Search Engine Optimisation
eBay Shops and the Listings Mix
eBay Shops Email Marketing

Profit from Efficiency
Profit from Efficiency
Postage and Packaging Efficiency
The ‘Henry Ford’ Thing
Email Efficiency
Stock Discipline

eBay Branding and Marketing
Why Marketing and Branding is Important
Consistent eBay Marketing and Branding
4 Marketing Must Dos
Pimp Your Parcels

Beyond eBay – selling off-eBay
There may be Trouble Ahead
What about a Website?
Other Marketplaces and Channels
Classifieds and Comparison Shopping
Martketing Off-eBay

That’s all Folks.

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