Media Tarting

I’m fully media trained and an experienced interviewee, spokesperson and talking head. Do get in touch if you have a possible media opportunity.

Over the years I’ve talked about eBay, ecommerce, the internet, small business and politics in broadcast and print media including Radio 4, BBC News 24, the FT, Guardian, New York Times, Sky News and the Brighton Evening Argus to name but a few.

Here’s some of the media tarting I’ve done:

October 2015: Latest TV with Jeff Moody

August 2015: Latest TV with Mike Mendoza

September 2013: Radio Sussex with Danny Pike

December 2012: Postal Technology International Magazine
CLICK THINKING: Dan Wilson takes a look at some of the latest trends and innovations shaping the fast-moving e-commerce sector, and ponders why cross-border trade is yet to take off.

15/11/12: The Brighton Argus
Party house hangover for Brighton and Hove

023/05/12: Video: Trading globally with eBay

03/02/12: The Brighton Argus
Landlords have never had it so good
09/07/11: The Brighton Argus
Campaigners fear over Royal Alexandra Children’s Hospital
20/02/11: The Brighton Argus
Business expert gives advice to budding start-ups

02/09/10 Video: How to sell on eBay

30/07/09: The London Paper
Many Happy Returns, eBay

28/07/09: Popbitch

28/07/09: LabourList
Labour must become a Green Party

27/07/09: Iain Dale’s Diary
The Daley Dozen

24/07/09: Brighton Argus
Blogosphere Reaction to the Goldsmid By-election

20/07/09: Brighton Argus
The media diary of Dan, aged 31 years and 8 months.

04/06/09: Reading Chronicle
Start to Sell Online

16/05/09: The Independent
A part-time business could lead to full-time success

19/11/08: SmallBizPod
7 things you need to know about eBay

Ask Dan: What percentage of my listings should sell?

27/12/07: Daily Telegraph
Auction Off Your Dud Presents

03/11/07: Auctioncut
AuctionCut 6 Question Interview

03/06/07: An Interview with Dan Wilson

28/04/07: Daily Telegraph
How to Win on eBay (general intro)

30/04/07: Daily Telegraph
How to Buy on eBay

01/05/07: Daily Telegraph
How to Sell on eBay

02/05/07: Daily Telegraph
How to run an eBay Business

02/05/07: Daily Telegraph
Case studies: Postalsupplies and Biddybidbidbid (which I wrote, contrary to the credit)

15/08/2006: BBC News
Unhappy eBay traders boycott site

31/03/2006: Guardian (The eBay Business Sense challenge)
Successful recycling takes winner across finishing line

28/11/2005: Saga Magazine
Safe Trading on eBay

25/11/2005: Guardian (The eBay Business Sense challenge)
The five finalists

13/07/2005: Metro
60 Second Interview

07/07/2005: Daily Telegraph
‘How do I fit a golf club in a Jiffy bag?’

20/02/2005: Sunday Times
Inside eBay

02/01/2005: Sunday Mirror
Make Easy Money on eBay

01/01/2005: Daily Telegraph
How to make your fortune with latex, coffee beans and a gold (effect) frame

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