eBay Tips 2008: eBay Shops

An eBay Shop is an essential part of a professional seller’s arsenal of tools. And before we look, over the next few days, at the ways an eBay Shop can contribute to your profitability, it’s worth revisiting what your Shop adds to your operations. It’s also a chance to evaluate whether you’re making the most of your Shop.

4 Good Reasons to have an eBay Shop

Search Engine Sexiness: A well-named Shop, optimised by its owner, making it as sexy as possible to Search Engines will most likely perform well on Google and the like. Your eBay Shop can be the way you drag in punters from the World Wide Web and get buyers from sources other than eBay.

Good Reports: As part of the basic package you get all the lovely Shop Traffic and Sales reports. This feature, should be the meat and drink of every eBay seller’s daily routine, is worth the £6 subscriptions on its own.

eBay Shop as a Destination: Your Shop is a place you can drive traffic to and promote independently. Although not as flexible as it could be (I would welcome changes that transform an eBay Shop into a truly customiseable, pretty much white-label, facility), sellers can enjoy success by tweaking their Shop.

SIF Format: Shop Inventory Format Listings offer sellers with some options not available to others. Of course, when choosing selling formats, a mix works. And for most sellers SIF can be part of that mix.

So, over the next few days I’ll be looking at eBay Shops. Is there anything that you’d specifically like to discuss?

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