eBay Tips 2008: Are You Ready?

Every New Year is a time to take stock, plan and reflect in whatever you do. And for eBay sellers, it looks like 2008 will be a year of change and significant developments in the marketplace. Executives have already indicated that sellers should expect significant amendments to the fee structure, changes to the buying experience and greater use of DSRs in determining search and browse results. And these changes are probably the tip of the iceberg: the next twelve months will require every eBay seller who’s serious about increasing their business and growing profitability to be ready, nimble and creative.

But it shouldn’t just be a case of reacting to these changes and making the best of it: serious eBay sellers will need to take advantage of events and use them to gain a competitive edge over less-flexible sellers. And to reap the rewards you’ll need to ensure that your eBay selling is in tip-top shape.

To help you enjoy a successful year on eBay I’ve put together, in association with Tamebay, ‘eBay Tips 2008’: a month-long series of advice, tips and strategies. Every day in January, I’ll be blogging new material, ranging from basic housekeeping, efficiency ideas, off-eBay suggestions and marketing experience. There’ll be something for everyone but just one aim: helping you be a better, more profitable, more efficient seller.

So, tomorrow, when your hangover has abated, see in the first working day of 2008 with the first instalment of ‘eBay Tips 2008’.

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Tomorrow: Review your Titles.

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