eBay Tips 2008: That’s all folks.

Thanks very much for giving me the chance to spout off every day for a month about eBay and ecommerce and the like. Thanks, especially, for the comments and conversations that have taken place. It has been fascinating to read the views expressed.

So I thought I’d finish with a sort of summary and pull together some themes that we’ve talked about.

eBay’s on the cusp: It’s all change out there with an uncertain economic future, the leadership shuffle at eBay, Feedback developments and the fee adjustments. It seems that when we look back in a year’s time that we’ll survey a different scene. I think that’s rather exciting.

A little effort goes a long away: Time is a seller’s most precious commodity. There’s a whole raft of things a seller can do to be more efficient and the time saved can be ploughed back into the business. It could be about examining the numbers, upping the marketing or sourcing new lines. But whatever it is, it’s about being competitive. Tiny tweaks and minor efforts can inch you ahead of the competition.

There’s a whole internet out there
: Complementing your eBay activities with off-eBay selling and marketing can give you the edge. It could be about driving traffic to your eBay sales or branching out and developing a website. But again, it’s about being ultra-competitive. Follow the traffic and don’t expect eBay to do all the running.

eBay ain’t Dead: The sheen might have worn a little thin and the gilt might be flaking off the gingerbread, but I still look at eBay with a sense of awe. It’s huge (I mean gargantuan), still growing and delivering remarkable results. It’s been quite fashionable of late to write eBay off or predict its demise. I’m not in that camp: there’s life in the old dog yet. The changes announced this past week show that the fightback starts here.

Thank you. And good night.

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