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Dan Wilson Book Signing @Waterstone’s in Brighton 17/10/2013, 19:30

If you're free on Thursday evening this week and find yourself in the Brighton area, it would be lovely to see you at a book signing, talk and Q&A event I'm doing associated with the launch of my new book Make Serious Money on eBay UK, Amazon and Beyond. Waterstones in Brighton is on North ... Read more »

My Doctor Who blogging for Metro

Since the middle of July I've been blogging about Doctor Who for the Metro online and I wanted to share a few choice cuts for your delectation. Obviously it's a busy time at the moment for Doctor Who fans as the 50th anniversary on 23rd November is keenly awaited. These are happy days for Whovians, ... Read more »

Brightoniana: Is this Brighton?

I have a modest but growing collection of Brighton and Hove ephemera that includes documents, postcards and now a stereo card. It was an inexpensive purchase on eBay and I must confess to being slightly unsure it is Brighton at all. What do you reckon? (Click to embiggen.) Some facts. There ... Read more »

My talk to Priory School Leavers, November 2011

Having a clear-out recently, I found a talk I gave to the GSCE leavers from my old school Priory in Lewes in November 2011. It was for their certificate evening, where they celebrated exam success and general all round good eggs. They asked me to give a short talk before the Mayor gave out the ... Read more »

Short story: Pier Review

Last year, as part of the Brighton Fringe Festival, submissions for short stories were sought on the theme 'Brighton: past, present and future." Selected stories would be read to an audience by actors. Here's my submission, and it was most gratifying to hear it read. Pier Review The West ... Read more »

Sussex churches: an exploration

Last year, I developed two interests that this year I must blog about. Both are of a historical and architectural bent and both are related to my pleasure in “Sunday outings” and my hope to travel more widely within the British isles. One is an interest in British Piers, which saw me join ... Read more »

After the 1987 storm, Queen’s Park in Brighton

I remember the great storm of 1987. The letter box rattled all night and my mum decided we had to go to school. Oh innocent days. No internet or text messages. We'd listened to the radio, listing all the schools that were shut, and St Luke's wasn't mentioned. So off we went. It was chaos ... Read more »

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Brighton holiday lets: thoughts on regulation and neighbourliness

Brighton holiday lets: thoughts on regulation and neighbourliness

After my last post grumbling about Brighton Holiday Homes, I have been musing on what positive steps could be taken to improve the situation for the city's permanent residents and encourage greater neighbourliness. My suggestions are informed by a few key thoughts. Firstly, that Brighton is a ... Read more »

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Brighton Holiday Homes: a neighbour reflects...

Brighton Holiday Homes: a neighbour reflects…

Watching the tweets from the Brighton and Hove Chamber of Commerce Big Debate on the motion “this house believes that Brighton’s night time economy is tarnishing the city’s brand” was interesting. But I was very surprised to see people praising "responsible" firm Brighton Holiday Homes, ... Read more »

Tardis Police Box Spotting in Glasgow

What was a Whovian with a few hours to spare in Glasgow to do, but have a tootle around looking for police boxes? The second city of the Empire is home to a several of the Gilbert MacKenzie Trench designed beauties and I managed to find two as part of my sight-seeing. Reports as to how many there ... Read more »

5 Tips for London 2012 Olympic Torch Sellers on eBay

If I had a London 2012 Olympic Torch* from the relay, I'd sell it on eBay. I reckon it's fair game for several reasons. Firstly, that Olympic Torch is yours to sell. Relay runners have already bought it from the Olympic organisers for £199. It's a not a gift (unless you ran for health drink ... Read more »

BBC News website headline FTW?

From the BBC News website earlier today. Isn't the word those brainiacs at the Beeb were struggling for, for which there is ample space, and which would have been correcter: "victory"? Tsk. Grumble. Bleuuurggh. *shakes ... Read more »

HOVErheard* A man walks into a pub…

A young man walks into a pub. He's from faraway, his English isn't the best, but he's trying hard. The barmaid couldn't be less helpful. Him: A beer please. Her: Ale or lager? Him: Yes, a large beer. Her: What beer? Him: Normal beer. Her: (quickly) Carling, Grolsch or Coors ... Read more »