Annaghmare court tomb, near Crossmaglen, county Armagh

Annaghmare court tomb is a well preserved example of a court tomb probably dating back about 6 thousand years or so. It’s a multi chambered tomb with some evidence of earlier neolithic activity on the site.

Annaghmare Court Tomb

Rather sadly at the Annaghmare court tomb there are no signs or boards to help you understand it and better appreciate its significance. So do your reading before you put on your wellies. It was pretty muddy there in December 2020.

Annaghmare Court Tomb

It’s better signposted than many an archaeological site in Northern Ireland. Just head to Crossmaglen and then head out north down Carran Road. Then it’s a left turn off that on to Annaghmare Road. There’s a right hand turn sign posted and you can park by a crate at the end by some houses. It’s a short and interesting pretty woodland walk to the tomb.

There’s a more detailed examination of the site on the Ring of Gullion website. (Longitude: 6° 37′ 2″ W Latitude: 54° 6′ 6″ N)

Annaghmare Court Tomb

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