Cool Idea. Cool Profits? Check out MMMZR

It wasn’t long ago since we were all wowing over the audacity of the Million Dollar homepage. It was one of those smart ideas that was gracefully simple and brilliantly executed and we wished we’d all come up with it: we didn’t, Alex Tew did. I bet it still gets impressive traffic.

MMMZR is touted as the next thing cast from the same mould. I’m not so sure.

In essence, you pay a certain amount, and the people above you pay more. As long as enough people above you pay twice as much, you get back your stake and more. The sums below are circa 8k today (1/11/06) and it is worth noting that there were $510 prices last Friday.



It promises that if you advertise you will get twice your money back. As long as enough people advertise, it seems. Isn’t that a pyramid scheme? Find out for yourself, in the Ts and Cs.


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