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Pixelotto is the latest offering from brightspark Alex Tew who also brought us the Million Dollar Homepage. It was one of the most significant and successful exercises in viral marketing… Tew walked away with a million bucks. Not bad work.

Pixelotto has much the same feel and ethos but gives a lucky punter the chance of bagging a million dollars and a donation to charity. Doubtless Tew will turn a shilling too. One to watch.

2 thoughts on “Check Out Pixelotto”

  1. what a clever chap this fella is – undoubtedly his incredibly gifted PR agency have something to do with his success.

  2. Hi,

    I just wanted to get in touch to mention our newly launched website,
    TurfJam. Its an experiment in the worth of online advertising spaces.

    Following on from Internet legends such as the Million Dollar Homepage,
    TurfJam is an advertising opportunity for marketeers and businesses..
    however, the difference here is that each spot on TurfJam is being auction
    off. There are 100 pieces of “turf”, being released 10 at a time. As each
    auction runs and completes we will be updating and comparing the winning
    cost of each piece (all are the same size) to see how the price changes over time, and in relation to the number of pieces of turf left.

    If you would like more information please visit or get in
    touch with any questions.

    Craig Williams

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