Those Telegraph eBay Articles in Full…

It’s been a busy week and I didn’t manage to provide all the links to the 4 articles that I wrote and were published in the Daily Telegraph. Not to worry, they’ve helpfully combined them all together in one lovely PDF file for you to download and read and print at your leisure.

In an extra boon, the print version doesn’t have a picture me looking slightly peeved in it.

Download the Daily Telegraph ‘How to eBay’ Guide.

Added: 02/06/07

Looks like the PDF is a bit pony, here are the links:

28/04/07: How to Win on eBay (general intro)

30/04/07: How to Buy on eBay

01/05/07: How to Sell on eBay

02/05/07: How to run an eBay Business

02/05/07: Case studies: Postalsupplies and Biddybidbidbid (which I did write, contrary to the credit)

3 thoughts on “Those Telegraph eBay Articles in Full…”

  1. Don’t like to complain Dan, but could you ask them to redo the .pdf? Pages 3, 4 and 5 are practically unreadable 🙁 which is a shame as it’s a darn good source of information 🙂

  2. Thanks Dan but the resolution of the PDF is sooooo low that the text cannot be read, any chance of a higher resolution PDF copy

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