Identifying Fake Razor Blades on eBay

One of the few times I have ever had a problem as a buyer on eBay occured recently when I bought some razor blades. Razor blades are expensive in the shops and by buying in bulk on eBay you can make some real savings. I’ve been successfully saving for years. However, I recently bought some fakes, despite my diligence.

Doubtless the easiest way to indentify fake blades is to shave with them: they’re as blunt as butter knives and your skin feels awful afterwards. But if you want more information I recommend this site:

It’s a well executed fraud; the products are convincing and I suspect that some sellers have no idea they are peddling counterfeits. But the clues are there.

7 thoughts on “Identifying Fake Razor Blades on eBay”

  1. Oh right, I think I am on the trail now.
    I bought some Gillette Fusion Power Blades at quite a saving, when I used them they really hurt my face it was like i was dry shaving, like plucking each hair from my face.

    I thought damn, I don’t get on with this razor, i’m going back to my old Mach3 Turbo which never struck me as hurting as bad as this.

    So I used that one again, with an original blade which was a bit old but still worked, and it felt like heaven compared to the pain of that fusion power experience.

    Then I ran out of blades, so like an idiot I bought more Mach3 Turbo Blades on eBay last week, was glad when i got them, I have just had a shave and f*ck me the same pain, i literally was grunting in pain especially round the chin area but i still needed to shave cos i was a bit unshaven so carried on.

    I can’t beleive these a-holes are selling fake blades, if I had known, I would have just paid full price in the bloody shops.

    It seems I can save on the real blades from what this and other blog articles say, so maybe it’s worth me reading up a little more on where to get real ones for, for a bit cheaper than the shops.


  2. I have just seen some fusion razors listed on ebay where the seller says there is a spelling error on the packaging. It says ‘lasts uptpo 6 months’ rather than ‘lasts up to 6 months’. Sounds suspicious to me.

  3. I can easily see why people buy them on ebay, must be a huge demand because the price of branded blades in the shops is hugely expensive. It’s not called ‘The Gillette Business Model’ for nothing 😉

  4. I checked the price of Gillette Fusion blades at the supermarket yesterday. They were on sale for $16 (four-pack). Well, here’s a not-so-original thought: If Gillette and its distributors weren’t charging so damned much for them, the counterfeiters simply couldn’t afford to be in business.

  5. Hello,

    My name is Emma and I am researching possible issues to feature on the 4th series of Fake Britain – the popular consumer affairs series for BBC1.

    We are currently looking into counterfeit razors, and are really keen to get in touch with anyone who has inadvertantly used fake razors.

    If you think that you may be able to help, please contact me on

    Best wishes,

    Emma Wightwick

    Screenchannel Television

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