Recently I have…

… signed the contract for my new flat. Woop woop!

… started saying “woop woop!” to express excitement or approval. Rather unbecoming.

… been informed by someone cooler than me that noone says “woop woop!” anymore. The kids actually say “w00t“, it seems.

… enjoyed a raucous Pogues gig at Brixton Academy. Beery, brazen and barnstorming, as you’d expect.

… felt insanely jealous of this young chap.

Lucky little bastard.

… read The Invisible Man by H.G. Wells. Gripping.

… been enjoying some new bands*: Yeasayer, Ed Harcourt, the Shins, Beirut, the Holloways. All highly recommended.

* Well, new to me anyway.

2 thoughts on “Recently I have…”

  1. I’d like to take at least partial credit for Beirut entering the realms of your musical taste. And bravo on Ed Harcourt and The Shins, both ace! Also see Carina Round and Dawn Kinnard…

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