The Independent Guide to eBay 2008

This blog, and by extension me, was reviewed in the Independent Guide to eBay 2008. A big, glossy magazine format guide, it’s a pretty engaging read. But you’d expect that for £7.99.

It’s a got lots of useful resources and reviews of eBay services and software which means it’s better suited to more advanced sellers, even if it does also have advice for fledgling sellers and buyers too.

My gripes regard the odd omissions and factual errors that pepper the work throughout. eBay Belgium is yet to launch? Try telling that to the eBay Belgium team who have been working hard on not one but two sites (one in French and one in Dutch) for years. eBay Ireland launched in 2000? I seem to recall it landed in 2005. Fancy not mentioning that eBay Strategies is written by Scot Wingo, the multi-talented CEO of Channel Advisor or omitting to mention that Tamebay is authored by UK PowerSellers. This sort of sloppiness makes me question the integrity of rest of the material.

I’ll give it 3 out of 5. Which is, incidentally, exactly the score they gave me.

5 thoughts on “The Independent Guide to eBay 2008”

  1. My gripe is that it took them a month to respond to my email asking for a review copy, and then having told me they’d send me one, a month later, they still haven’t. Amateurish all round, I’d say.

  2. Thanks for the post on the book, genuinely appreciated. Sue, I did send your review copy out – I remember the request. Let me know if you still want a copy.


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