eBay sellers: what’s coming from Google?

Since I left eBay in November 2006 (it feels like a lifetime ago) I’ve probably spent more social time with eBay PowerSellers than I ever did as an employee. In the last few weeks I’ve been chatting with a clutch of sellers: it’s been fun.

What have we been talking about? There was plenty of debate about DSRs. We chewed the fat about fee changes. Much was said about the leadership changes and the management shuffle. And looking at all of the stodgy change that eBay has served up already in 2008 we were all agreed: the communication has lacked finesse and compassion.

But that aside, the most interesting comments that remain in my head relate to traffic sources. And I know how dull that sounds.

Recently, though, I’ve heard savvy sellers say much the same: they’re interested and excited by the amount of traffic they’re getting from Google. These are sellers who otherwise fret over the effect DSRs are having and spend good money on listing enhancements. But by spending a bit of time with their traffic reports they know that people who come to buy aren’t just coming from eBay.

The anecdotal evidence I’ve been recording suggests that the average eBay PowerSeller is receiving between 10% and 30% of the viewers to their listings and Shop directly from Google. And those expending a bit of effort are getting more than that. There is a hectare of blogprint that could be dedicated to understanding this but the first, and most important question remains:

Do you know what’s coming your way from Google?

If you don’t, and you’re a serious eBay seller, you should find out (it’s a moment’s work in your Traffic Report). If you do, and you’re willing to share, I’d love to know more (either publicly or privately). But so far it seems to me that a little bit of the gilt may be coming off the eBay gingerbread. Is Google the ‘eBay killer’ after all? Being the source of so much traffic to ebay sellers, puts it in a very powerful position.

3 thoughts on “eBay sellers: what’s coming from Google?”

  1. Since first using Google Base Storeconnector in October last year, my traffic reports have shown hits from Google searches increasing from around 5-6% to consistantly over 20% since.

    Seeing the keywords used in Google to find my products also made me consider alternative words and phrases in the title and description which has started showing further positive results.

    The traffic reports are a frequently overlooked benefit of having an eBay shop subscription.

  2. Thanks Steve. Interesting stats and in line with a lot of what I’ve been hearing. Fascinating to know that the Google numbers have been increasing.

    Agree strongly regarding the eBay reports: worth the Shops subs alone. IMHO.

  3. I sell on ebay with 400 listing of Calvin Klein Men’s Underwear. Recently sell just disappeared. This week end no sales at all. So all my listing on Ebay is helping google customers at my cost. Eaby still charges me for listing and store rent.

    Each of my listing has two or three other websites as sponsored link. As customer comes to my listing and opens it, they see sponsored links. It is just like Burger King Pays rent and landlord finds a right to access agreement to put a big sign that says McDonald special of the week or day.

    I have stopped relisting untill I know what is going on. I cannot continue listing on ebay so that they make money of my lsiting with sposnored links from google.

    I thought ebay was socially respobcible company. That is the reason I came and it worked Ok for me untill now. The fees are higher but it was worth it. I was considering upgrading my store to anchor and this hit. I call ebay and they tell me it is part of agreement and they will have sponsored links form other calvin klein underwear sellers on my listings.

    Just do nto know what to do

    any suggestion:

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