wilsondan Links 10/03/08

RIP Civil Serf
… We knew you well. It’s taken the mandarins too long to understand the blogosphere and even then they didn’t get it. Radical transparency has a home in government: you did it for me. I’ll buy you a drink. Any day. Get in touch, if you read this.

Search Engine Geekiness
Ever get hard/wet/both at the thought of being at the top of Google search results? Let SEOmoz.org be your pornography.

New Sounds from amazingtunes.com
I have heard some great new stuff on amazingtunes.com. Tell it what you like already and listen to unsigned talent matching your searches. It needs much more talent and greater recognition from fans like you and me. But, blimey oh riley, this deserves to be fantastically popular. amazingtunes.com (slightly naff name aside) could become last.fm multiplied by myspace.

If you like something visual, that’s not too abysmal…
Excuse the Rocky Horror show quote, but the web ain’t just about writing or music or geekery… I like these visual sites:

Daily diagrams of joy.

They explain stuff in a everyday language. Really rather well.

Local Girl’s Day in Pictures
A life in pictures from this UK based artist…it’s Nemi for grown ups.

2 thoughts on “wilsondan Links 10/03/08”

  1. Seomoz is absolutely and utterly ace. Sign up to the pro membership and you can ask one private question a month or three public ones. You may even get the great Rand himself responding.

    Really, absolutely superb resource.
    I’m such a nerd I became their fan on facebook.
    Now that is a bit sad.

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