Recently I have…

… been selling my book on eBay using video.

… Fallen in love with the writing of Edward St Aubyn: fiction as sensual pleasure and vice. It’s not often you read a paragraph, savour each word and go back and read it again. Not that it’s cosy or twee stuff, some of it’s kinda grim. But it is vay, vay good.

… jumped and gyrated to the anarchic music of the joyful Don Bradmans.

… been listening to the new Billy Bragg album and plumbed the back catalogues of Morrissey and Rufus Wainwright. I’ve come rather late to both but I’m now a happy/miserable fan. Also, getting slowly in to the Magnetic Fields (specifically 69 Love Songs), tried very hard with These New Puritans (bit brash for me) and bobbed merrily to MGMT (ticket to gig garnered!)

… got cross about maps without scales. It’s not a map if there isn’t a scale. It’s just a picture!

… acquired a record player and dusted off the vinyl.

… shaved my beard off. They don’t think I’m Phillip Seymour Hoffman any more. They think I’m Boris Johnson. Quelle horreur!

… been greeted by a builder, who was hanging from some scaffolding not far from Oxford Circus: ‘Oi Boris, you posh cunt.” That’s what he said. I waved back and urged him to vote Labour.

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