Wilson on the Web: 12/v/2008

Here are some other places I’ve been contributing online, of late:

vzaar: Why negative feedback + bad sellers = unhappy buyers
On the vzaar blog, the case for abolishing the right for sellers to leave negative feedback on eBay. Based on a personal experience.

Auctionbytes: Why is QXL Closing in the UK?
A comment (scroll down a bit) on Auctionbytes about the closure of QXL in Britain.

Jenny How: Videos for your eBay Sales
Quite heavily edited piece on the benefits of using video on eBay.

Tamebay: Royal Mail Loses £200m
I’m just a frustrated reporter at heart.

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  1. http://www.jennyhow.com/60-methods-to-get-more-traffic-to-your-ebay-auctions/

    You’d’a thought #60 might have been “…and post on Vzaar” 🙁

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