Recently I Have…

… become an enthusiastic, if not expert, gardener. The sweet peas, rocket, herbs, tomatoes, spinach and lettuces are coming along. The petunias, lupins and marigolds have been savaged by cats and snails. Grr.

… Enjoyed Vampire Weekend in Camden (but not at the Great Escape in Brighton). Still loving the Kings of PrepPop.

… Started twittering. Follow me on Twitter! Come on. w00t. (Although, I don’t need to see this screen so much.)

twitter error

… Been wowed by Duke Special. He’s just a unique and compelling performer. Grown men (including me) were weeping and laughing. But not at the same time. All hail, his grace Duke Special: see you again soon.

… Fallen in love with my solar panel. I now charge my iPod and phone courtesy of the sun. This gives me a sense of enormous wellbeing. On a green vibe… why not?… the worms are working hard in the wormery. Thanks guys!

… Chortled at The Sun:

Amusing tribe Comment in the sun

… Switched my allegiance from Hillary to Obama. Hillary is a magnificent politician, I feel a little sorry for her. But hell, those Democrats just have to take back the White House. So, go Barack! Yes we can!

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