Dan Wilson Links* 25/vii/08

A ragtag selection of links and amusements. You know the form. First, some stuff I’ve written elsewhere on the web:

Amazon, Etsy, eBay and the eCommerce Land Grab

Get a Competitive Edge on eBay With Video

And from other people:

– Totally loving ProBloggers’s tips on blog stickiness. It’s really useful to review the fundamentals every now and again.

– What IS a Community Manager? I’ve wondered myself (probably more than most). And answered the question inadequately a million times. But here’s a good starting point: Chris Brogan’s Essential Skills of a Community Manager. I’ll write my own take on this at some point. ;O)

– I’ve loved Indexed for a while (please check it out) and now I love Graphjam too. This amuses me more than averagely:


– And, from the great Dave Hill. An interlude. London to Brighton in 4 minutes. Poop poop.

* I’m Dan Wilson. And I’m linking.

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