BA must be chuffed with their Ad on the BBC

Way back when, I was told off by a BBC radio presenter for using the word ‘eBay’ twice in an interview about, well, eBay. I was expected to talk about ‘internet auctions’ and ‘online buying and selling’.

So I was quite intriuged by this video on the BBC. The PR and Branding folks at BA will be cracking open the champers.

See it hear:

(Sorry it’s a link. The infinitely enlightened BBC don’t allow you to embed vids. I mean it’s not as if we’ve paid for it.)

1 thought on “BA must be chuffed with their Ad on the BBC”

  1. Ha!
    Pretty outstanding. Having their logo on the big gold medally thing too.
    Good work.
    And in the same period that a Virgin flight turns back due to problems.

    (ps presume the vids can’t be embedded as something to do with their “sorry, this video isn’t available in your territory” IP sniffing malarkey. I guess.)

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