Small Business 2.0: Social Marketing

I presented at Small Business 2.0 on my chosen specialist subject of ‘Getting closer to your customers’. It was all about using Web 2.0 services, social networking and online communities to talk with existing and potential customers. The audio should hopefully be available soon.

Here’s a precis and a list of the services I mentioned:

– Social networks and online communities are huge and possible sources of traffic.
– You need to follow that traffic and see if you can get some for yourself.
– Getting involved is a good way of generating SEO links too.
– It’s vital to join the conversation: authenticity and genuine participation is key.
– Start with building profiles that require little maintenance (such as LinkedIN)
– Then join relevant communities.
– Comment on relevant blogs. Keep track using Google Reader
– Measure, measure, measure. Using Google analytics
– If it works, do more. If not ditch it.
– There is a huge difference between Networking and Not Working.

Sites I mentioned:

BT Tradespace


And that great video:

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