Today’s motivational spur…

This morning I learnt that a school chum has published a novel. Not a close friend or anything but being a curious kind of person I popped over to Amazon buy it: Who is Charlie Conti? by Claus von Bohlen. And while I was there I tought, “well, I’d better get Richard Mason’s new book too.” Richard’s an old friend from school and I’ve read his previous two novels so it seems rude not to dig into The Lighted Rooms next.

While I was reentering my card details (why does Amazon always make me do that?) I reflected that it’s quite impressive that two guys from my A-level English class have published novels and I’m a bit jealous about it. It was a very effective spur to today’s NaNOWRiMo efforts. My daily wordcount was rattled out with unusual haste and vigour.

I grumbly mutter to a friend later in the day that I feel like I’ve fallen behind a bit. Two people from my A-level English class have published books and I would have hoped to do that by now too. She corrects me: actually three people have. And she is indeed right because my own opus (admittedly non-fiction) about selling on eBay is on bookshop shelves too.

I trundled back to Amazon to check out the Sales Ranks of our three books. I enjoy a tiny glint of satisfaction when I discovered that mine is the best.

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