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Three articles in the Guardian are worth reading. Not least Tanya Cordrey’s brief analysis of eBay’s problems and her suggestion that eBay might ditch PayPal. Tanya is a former boss of mine from eBay and someone whose judgment I trust. Now she’s at the Guardian, I hope she’ll be writing more.

At first glance, two pieces from the delicious Jemima Kiss seem mutually exclusive but it’s well to look at eBay differently from both sides of the Atlantic. While eBay (is) still growing user numbers in the UK she notes The steady decline of eBay stateside. Chuck in a bit of Blodget and I think you have the full story. Although, I’d say that traffic don’t mean a thing, if it ain’t got that purchasing.

And, just to make up numbers, I popped up in the Daily Express and added nothing to the total sum of human understanding.

That is all.

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