Raise a pint to common sense

Axe the beer tax.A conversation in my local pub reminded me of the fundamental absurdity of some of the arguments promoting increased taxes and regulation on the good old British boozer. The aim is to limit binge-drinking and tackle excess alcohol consumption in general.

I was supping a nourishing and refreshing pint of Becks Vier. Said pint cost £3.20. The shop across the road (not even a supermarket) could flog me four cans of strong lager for £4 and a bottle of wine for much the same. Down at Tesco, for instance, I could get booze for much less, unit for unit. Cheap booze is a loss leader for the supermarket chains.

So if you want to tackle the insidious drinking crisis, why hammer pubs where drinking is regulated by landlords and closing time? Surely, it’s the supermarkets that need to be spanked hard? The current course of action is a real risk to this country’s vital, traditional and desirable pub culture. A pub is more than a place to have a drink.

I support this campaign to Save the Pub.

And from a professional point of view, I’d say they’re doing a bloody good job with a nice website, Facebook group and YouTube videos. Hopefully they have a good chance of success.

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