Royal Mail Christmas Arrangements

Last December, according to the IMRG, 24 million parcels were not delivered first time round. For online buyers, especially those like me who have tiny, tiny letterboxes, this represents a major annoyance and a schlep down to the sorting office.

royal mail

That’s why the Royal Mail is to be commended for additional arrangements they’re making this year to make delivery of online purchases (in fact any deliveries) easier. Collection hours at the local delivery offices are being extended from next week, there will be evening deliveries on 22nd and 23rd December and Sunday redeliveries on the 21st. Also, if you want your parcel redelivered to a local Post Office, the 50p charges is being waived.

These are seriously customer focussed moves. As someone who seems to join the long, long queue at just before 12:30pm (they shut at half noon!) on more Saturdays than I care to remember this all looks very progressive.

Oh, and for ref, the last postage day for domestic first class is Saturday 20th.

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