A year in Brighton

BrightonCan it be a year already? Well, it isn’t really, but a year ago today I signed the papers and took a flat in my hometown of Brighton and even though I didn’t completely relocate until after Christmas, it’s pretty much one whole year. Wow. No regrets.

I can hardly imagine moving back to the smoke (and yeah, I still adore our nation’s capital), even if I do sometimes begrudge the amount of time I spend on the train back and forth. But I love this raffish place. And often as a Southern or FCC train delivers me back to the City-by-the-Sea, I recall that lovely line from Nigel Richardson‘s sublime ‘Breakfast in Brighton‘:

‘Someone said to him, when he moved back to Brighton, ‘you’ll love it here. When I’ve been away and I come back over those Downs and see the streets spread out over the hillsides, when I see the piers and smell the sea, when I get blown by the wind in those streets down by the sea, I think I’ve come home to the lost fucking tribe.’”

3 thoughts on “A year in Brighton”

  1. Thanks for the tip about the Nigel Richardson book. Found a copy on Amazon for very little – and by coincidence, last night put it down at the very sentence you quote above. It is a great read.
    That Rin Tin Tin memorabilia shop opposite the yellow GAK drum store draws me like a magnet from London a few times each year to buy old magazines. You can’t beat an old Razzle.

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