3 things that have been on my to do list for more than a year

to do listI had to rummage through an old notebook earlier and found an old to do list. Most of it had been completed, but some line items from a year ago are on my current to do list.

Sort out iPod/iTunes
This I haven’t done. I’m constantly annoyed by the way that music is catalogued in iTunes and then displayed on my iPod. Classical music is the trickiest and that needs sorting. I’ll probably reorganise that with composer as the ‘Artist’. Then there are just erroneous artists: The Divine Comedy and Divine Comedy are one and the same and need sorting out. Also, collaborations show a different artists: Mark Ronson with all his chums show as a dozen artists. Not sure that’s necessary.

Tax Return
I need to do this again. Yawn.

Washing up/Laundry
I have done this loads of times in this year. And will need to do it again. Or get a cleaner.

1 thought on “3 things that have been on my to do list for more than a year”

  1. *Tax Return* Welcome to my life, which as it happens is a hell hole of expense and excess.

    *Washing up/Laundry* The best thing I ever bought was a cleaner, go get one!

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