Wilsondan.co.uk: That Was The Year That Was

I’m posting this graph for illustrative purposes only (I’ve stripped off numbers and dates). It’s my blog traffic for the year 2008. What do you notice?

wilsondan blog graph 2008

The peak is my post on Max Gogarty, which really caused a storm back in March. It was great to be part of that conversation.

And then later in the year, I started blogging more after my blog was redesigned by Sue Bailey. I struck a deal with her that I’d blog 100 times before the end of the year when she sent it live. I’m pleased with these traffic results. It really goes to show that frequency does matter. For reference, this is post 100. Thanks to everyone who has commented, stopped by, given me ideas and joined this little conversation.

See you next year. Thank you. And good night. That was the year that was. It’s over. Let it go.

3 thoughts on “Wilsondan.co.uk: That Was The Year That Was”

  1. Glad you made the hundred before the curtain came down on ’08. Am beginning the new year as I mean to continue, with online procrastination.

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