University Challenge: Rematch!

trimbleI love the BBC. It can’t flagellate itself enough. See the Gaza DEC appeal fiasco or Ross/Brand. They take the hit, refer it to the BBC Trust and weeks later they take the hit all over again. And yet, when a gift horse arrives, they look it in the mouth.

Surely, in the face of ‘Google’ Trimble’s Corpus Christi scratch being disqualified for fielding an ineligible player, what we need is a rematch? The publicity last week’s final received shows that the media and the people have a thirst for University Challenge*. I humbly suggest (pending the BBC, Granada and both teams being in agreement) that Manchester take a full team and Corpus Christi take their three eligible players to the crease for a stonking rematch.

Jeremy Paxman’s opening chastisement and a full rack of challenging trivia would surely be ‘event telly’, great for viewing figures and the only honourable option. I’d certainly be watching. Cheering on Manchester. Obviously.

* For the benefit of my many, lovely American readers I’ve included this link to explain what University Challenge actually is.

4 thoughts on “University Challenge: Rematch!”

  1. Miss Trimble kind of worries me

    No one should have that much useless information in their heads.

    UC has never been the same since Bamber left.

  2. Sandy,

    Still ruing the fact bamber left?

    I feel terrible… but… did.. you know… cripes… that the unthinkable has happened to the unsinkable? Yes, that’s right. the Titanic has sunk. Also. Right, the King has abdicated. American. Divorcee… terrible. Sorry.


  3. If the BBC don’t want to do it as a real thing, perhaps it is something that could be added to the Comic Relief thing?

    Gail on her own, against the Manchester team en masse?

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