Election Notes: iPhone Snaps

Before I close off the Election Notes series, I have a few more posts to make when I have a moment. Yesterday, I finally cleared some snaps off my phone and put them on flickr. You can find the set here.

Here are several of my favourites.

Gentle disorganisation at my Labour Committee Room. The number taking sheets were so old they had Walworth Road as the Labour Party's address.
I'm always paranoid on Polling Day. I worry that I have crossed the wrong box. That's why I took this pic. Throughout the day, I'd check back and make sure I'd voted for the right woman. I had.
Of all the slebs and national party people I met during the General Election, Sir Patrick Stewart was my favourite by a parsec. Graceful, charming, erudite. This picture could be called 'celebrity socialists'. Bassam, Fanshawe, Stewart and my favoruite star: Nancy Platts.

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