Brightoniana: Aubrey Beardsley

I’d never seen this plaque on Buckingham Road before yesterday. It’s commemorates the all too brief life of the artist and illustrator, Aubrey Beardsley who was born at number 12.

It’s such a shame that it has a spray can squiggle on it. Not least because such artlessness seems totally at odds with Beardley’s own work.

4 thoughts on “Brightoniana: Aubrey Beardsley”

  1. I suspect this plaque is from the Ditchling workshops of Eric Gill, maybe by the man himself, so also worth some tlc in its own right.

  2. Quedula,

    I am honoured that you’ve stopped by. :O) I am pleased to say I walked by this plaque today and it has been de-graffited.

    Eric Gill? That’s interesting. I do feel sad that, as far as I know, we lack a genuine landmark to Gill himself. He surely ranks as a notable Brightonian.

  3. Glad its been cleaned. :))

    Mrs Fitzherbert’s house and Gideon Mantell’s house both in the old Steine also have plaques from Eric Gill’s worshop. There may be others.

    But you are right, I don’t think there is a plaque to Eric Gill even though he was born and educated here. I will mention it to the Commemorative Plaque Panel.

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