Have you checked out eBay’s Online Business Forum?

eBay established something called the Online Business Forum last year. I’m the Editor. I take a fee from eBay but I’m a totally independent curator and moderator of a really exciting new space. I’m not sure I ever thought I’d ever work for eBay again but this was a fun way to get involved and, a few months down the line already, I think it’s doing well.

The Online Business Forum (OBF) is based on professional network LinkedIN.com. The choice to base it off-eBay is deliberate. It’s a neutral site where all ecommerce can be the topic. We’re already talking Amazon, social media, SEO, accounting, best practice as well as eBay trading. I’m determined that we don’t get bogged in the usual grind of negative feedback and an individual dodgy buyer. Moaning gets tedious. Anti-eBay whingers rehearsing their same old riffs aren’t welcome.*

My aim as editor is a really simple one: let’s create a useful online space where clever and ambitious eBay and ecommerce pioneers can discuss the new trends and share ideas. I’m unequivocal. Let’s make sure our horizons are broad. Eyes wide open and all good ideas (big and small) are welcome. I don’t want a microscopic concentration on boring problems but rather aspirational perspectives on what is the most exciting frontier of retail: ecommerce.

How do you profit from Amazon? Why not set up an independent ecommerce shop? What can Google offer you? Why shouldn’t you double turnover in 2011? What are your great eBay tips? That sounds to me like the sort of stuff serious businesspeople want to talk about.

Does that sound like you? Everyone who wants to turn a shilling by selling online will find the OBF useful. Come and join us. It’s all going on.

*That’s all important, of course, but you can chat and rant about that all over the web. I want the OBF to have a much more optimistic and ambitious focus. If you have an old eBay grudge you want to bloviate about endlessly, go elsewhere. We’re interested in ideas.

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