Selling unwanted Christmas presents on eBay

Wrap a ribbon 'round it!You know what it’s like. There’s usually a gift under the tree for you that you don’t really want. The thought was a good one but it didn’t hit the spot. Now it’s gathering dust somewhere.

Here’s an idea. Why not just flog that little something on eBay? Transform that present into cash and everyone’s happy. Your kind friend or relative need ever be any the wiser.

I’m serious. If you have something that other people want, the chances are that you can get something close to a retail price for it if it’s in tip-top condition and you make a good job of listing it. In January, everyone needs a few extra quid, so it’s worth a go.

How do you make it work?

Brand new and boxed: Make sure that your gift is in pristine nick. Unopened, in box, with the packaging. That way, you can sell it as new and eBay buyers love the new stuff. If you’ve meddled and opened it up, you’re stuffed.

Create a sexy listing: Sell the swag with great pictures and a brilliant descriptions. Give your buyers all the information they need to snaffle it. Don’t be shy: if it’s good stuff, tell everyone on eBay how good it is. There are no prizes for shyness.

Get the postage right: How much is it going to send the item to a buyer? Get tooled up with facts and then make sure you’re not overcharging. For bigger items, consider a courier. They’ll collect and you can end even send big and heavy thing for as little as a fiver. Use the the Parcel Checker to ocmpare prices.

Do it auction: Take a risk and start your swag off for 99p in an eBay auction. Everyone loves auctions because people get carried away. Awaken the competitive spirit and start it off low. Don’t worry. Bidding only gets going in the closing minutes in an eBay auction, so hold your nerve til the last minute. Chances are you’ll cash in.

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