Make Serious Money on eBay UK is available on Kindle

Make Serious Money on eBay UK, by Dan WilsonI’m happy to say that my book, Make Serious Money on eBay UK is available as a Kindle and ereader edition. I’m quite excited by this although I don’t know yet whether many have been sold.

One thing I find immensely frustrating about being an author is the almost complete lack of numbers that are available to the curious writer. I’m a bit of a metrics bore but I only get a sales update twice a year from my publishers. On a piece of paper. How unlike the digital world I inhabit!

So what’s in the book? It’s everything that’s in paper edition of Make Serious Money on eBay UK:

  • Get started as an eBay buyer. Don’t get ripped off. Grab some bargains.
  • Start selling. Learn the ropes of selling on eBay. Feedback and crafting a perfect listing explained.
  • Ramp up your sales. Start an eBay business. Open an eBay Shop.
  • Branch out from eBay, and sell on Amazon and other marketplaces.
  • Build and market your own ecommerce website.


One thing, I think, that marks my book out from the many eBay handbooks out there is the no-nonsense approach. I don’t hold much with hyperbole and I do recognise that building an eBay business is quite tricky and takes a lot of hard work. There are plenty of asides, case studies and few funnies. Natch.

I haven’t spoken to anyone who has read my book on a Kindle, and I haven’t seen it myself either. I imagine these things are much of a muchness. But if you have any feedback or suggestions on how Make Serious Money on eBay UK looks on a Kindle, drop me a line.

Needless to say, the book and the download are available on Amazon. :O)

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