What Anders Breivik bought on eBay

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Take a look for yourself. This is what Anders Behring Breivik bought on eBay, apparently.

The Telegraph is reporting that Norwegian terrorist and confessed murderer Anders Breivik bought some of his equipment and supplies on eBay.

They say he used the now suspended eBay ID andrewbrei. At least one seller will now be regretting that he called Breivik as “a nice fellow to deal with.”

A quick look at this buying record does suggest that Anders Breivik was planning his attacks, months and months in advance.

What was he buying? See for yourself on the left. Some sulpher, plastic tubing, protective clothing, something that looks like a telescopic sight.

 The Telegraph says: “MI5 is thought to monitor eBay and other internet sites for individuals buying chemicals which can be used for terrorism.”

I have no doubt. The Police certainly look at eBay for stolen goods. HMRC definitely keep an eye on the site. I would be very surprised if the security services don’t do the same. eBay is very open.

My advice to anyone who wants to use eBay for any nefarious purpose? Think a bit. If you want to go under the radar, go to small offline retailers and use cash. And don’t use your real name.

For a full screengrab of what Anders Breivik bought, with seller’s IDs, that’s here.

Anders Breivik’s eBay feedback page uncropped, that’s here.

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