HOVErheard* A man walks into a pub…

A young man walks into a pub. He’s from faraway, his English isn’t the best, but he’s trying hard. The barmaid couldn’t be less helpful.

Him: A beer please.

Her: Ale or lager?

Him: Yes, a large beer.

Her: What beer?

Him: Normal beer.

Her: (quickly) Carling, Grolsch or Coors Light?

Him: (pausing) Yes.

Her: Lots of people like Grolsch.

Him: Yes Grolsch please.


* Formerly Brighton Scenes… but now I have crossed the border…thus the new name.

3 thoughts on “HOVErheard* A man walks into a pub…”

  1. Sev,

    The chap in question was all smiles and so keen to be right. Thankfully he didn’t find this exchange as depressing as me. I feel a surge of shame every time we treat a well meaning fellow from faraway badly.

    We need to be more friendly here.


  2. Indeed. The blank stare or slight frown paired with “You all right there?” that often passes for customer service here in north Kent couldn’t be less inviting.

    I’ve just been to South Africa, where a smile, a hello and a real attempt to help seem standard practice.

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