Brightoniana: Is this Brighton?

I have a modest but growing collection of Brighton and Hove ephemera that includes documents, postcards and now a stereo card. It was an inexpensive purchase on eBay and I must confess to being slightly unsure it is Brighton at all. What do you reckon?

brighton(Click to embiggen.)

Some facts. There are no marks on the card itself that would indicate location. The seller says that he got it in a batch of Brighton cards and thus listed it as such. In terms of date, it can’t be before 1850 and is likely from the 1860s or 1870s which saw the peak of stereo card popularity.

As for the image itself. I thought at first that the chalk cliffs heading off could be the seafront looking east before it was developed and the cliffs covered and Madeira Drive laid out. But post 1850 would be a bit late for that, I think. There would be building up there by then. And doesn’t the geography look just a little too steep? Another thought is that it could be Rottingdean?

Anyhow, have a gander and give me your thoughts.

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