Vintage Postcard: El Puerto de Mazarron, Murcia, Spain

Here is an old postcard showing El Puerto de Mazarron (which I tend to call PDM or the port) in the Murcia region of Spain. I’ve spent a fair whack of time here in the past year and more.

More knowledgeable people than me will know the rough date. I estimate the 1980s. It is taken from the promontory which is the site of the lighthouse (and the bar restaurant El Faro – lighthouse) not so far from the figure of Christ that looks down on the town. (Although this maybe B.C. in terms the statue.)

To get your bearings, if you know the place, you can pick out the St Isabel tower in the middle distance behind the white block. Obviously the harbour developments have yet to be made and that bit of the marina promenade where you find Viggos has yet to be laid. Indeed, although PDM has escaped the worst of hellish high rises, this image shows quite how small and sleepy the place was not so very long ago.

The Bahia area of town looks largely undeveloped and is maybe still salt pans/mining at this point. I don’t think development there started until the middle to late 1980s. The indoor market (near the health centre and library) isn’t visible.

One building that tantalises me is the arched loggia right on the waterfront which was probably for the fisherman and is now lost. Please do share any information or thoughts and memories you have.

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