An example of why Amazon is winning against eBay

We were looking at small desks online and identical items are available for sale on both eBay and Amazon. These identical desks, for reference, are the first of this specific products offered under the search ‘small desk’.

Here are the two offerings to compare and contrast:

And on Amazon:

A few things leap out. Firstly, the price. The Amazon desk is nearly half the price. But eBay offers free postage! Amazon postage is £6.95 and delivers to the whole of the UK (including Northern Ireland, which is important in this case.) The Amazon item also has reviews, if not universally positive and also an experienced seller and the confidence that they are stiffer on seller standards than eBay. (On eBay this seller has only 6 reviews in the past month or so.)

Which one would you buy?

2 thoughts on “An example of why Amazon is winning against eBay”

  1. Problem is eBay search is crap or they’d have surfaced this one, although admittedly still more expensive than Amazon but only by a few pennies.

    Such a shame that the eBay Catalogue hasn’t worked and is being abandoned (or I should say no longer mandatory 😉 )

  2. And that’s the seller on Amazon. eBay has clearly dinged them for being in Germany. Despite them being the preferable seller. They get top billing on Amazon!

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