Revver: Video Sharing 2.0

My chum Alex Schultz has been bigging up youtube-a-like Revver for a few months now. As ever he’s blocks ahead of me, but I’ve been taking a few minutes to explore it and get a feel for the site and I must say, Mr Schultz is right. Revver is rather good. See Alex’s latest comment here.

So, why is it not exactly Youtube? They have a cleverer way of sharing the wealth with contibutors. Revver automatically adds ads to the end of all vids and it shares the revenue with the contibutor (incidentally revver only takes original content). If you embed the revver content in your own blog or site, you get an affiliate fee. Don’t forget that youtube gives you nada.

But it’s not just the money that makes revver more attractive. It’s crisper, better organised and you have many more viewing options that on youtube. The video quality looks better to me too.

I’ve embedded a few into my spoddy pastime whotube and I’ll see how it goes. Hopefully like for Alex on his paper airplanes site (he embeds videos of him making the planes!), it will turn a shilling. We’ll see.

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